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Do you know the one and only BEST way to save big money on your purchases of firearms and accessories?

Get Your Own Federal Firearms License (FFL).

That's right! No matter what else you do, your access to the best deals and direct sales from manufacturers and distributors is shut off without your own FFL.

What if I told you that a large percentage of current FFLs run their business from their home, and many of them have never made a sale to anyone outside of friends and family?

Yet they buy at low, low wholesale prices and have no shipping hassles, as everything is shipped right to them directly. They will never again pay someone else $25.00 to $40.00 for doing nothing more than filling out a form and handing them their gun.

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There is now a kit, available for immediate download, that walks you through the requirements and process of getting your own FFL. And the kit only costs about $20.

To get the full details and order now, just click here. I've seen a lot of information for gun owners over the years, but I've never seen anything else that can save you this money.

So you need the license. This kit shows you how to apply the right way, and ATF will approve an application if the applicant:

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